Monday, December 29, 2008

My husband is a systems analyst for a telecommunications company, and travels internationally. A couple years ago, he spent a number of months in Hyderabad, India, and on his return, brought me a suitcase full of silk Saris. I've used them in many garments, as linings and trims, and because of their very long length, and interesting borders, they make a terrific addition to my stash.
My husband made 10 trips to Dublin, Ireland this year, and on one of them, he made a trip into County Wicklow, where he found Avoca Handweavers. According to Wikipedia, it is the oldest surviving woolen mill in Ireland.
My husband knows me well. He skipped all the clothing products, blankets, scarves, and went right to the pre-cut lengths of yardage, gorgeous wool tweeds, and picked out two different plaids to give me for a Christmas present. So, in addition to the six projects I've been outlining (don't worry, I haven't talked about project 5 and 6 yet) I have another mission, to sew something fabulous from the two lengths of handwoven wool tweed from Ireland.
I subscribe to Burda World of Fashion, which comes in monthly. The January issue just arrived in the mail yesterday, and there are a number of great ideas for using these two plaid fabrics. Oddly enough, there is a whole section devoted to the new plaids! I love the design of Burda, and especially love the fact that all the patterns for all the garments featured in each issue, are included in the center section. I now have more than 10 years worth. If I can think it, I have a pattern for it.


  1. Oooohhhh, Daryl! You lucky woman! I would love to give the handweavers' handshake to those wool tartans (I was told in scotland that they don't it plaid [no matter what it is] it is 'tartan' ;) )

    I have just subscribed to Burda World of Fashion, and can't wait until my first issue arrives. I hope it will be the January issue you describe!

    Goodness, I am impressed w/ your blog. I never get that many words out (as you may note on my blog). My looms and wheel recently put out an APB.

    Best wishes for a fabulous 2009!

  2. In case it takes awhile to process the Burda subscription, you might want to scour a Borders or Barnes and Noble magazine section to see if they have a copy of the current issue. My guess is your subscription won't start with the current issue. I have found Burda World of Fashion in some stores, but they usually sell out quick. Ask around.
    Since the fabric is from Ireland, I wonder if the same rules apply? Would a plaid from Ireland be a tartan?
    I'm having so much fun writing this blog, why didn't I start it sooner?